Why give a f*ck? Do you give a f*ck? Should I give a f*ck? The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is one of my favorite texts, and many others out there will agree with me. Mark Manson’s book is a triple-threat funny, utilitarian, and historical. It is the bucket of cold water and slap to the face that we all desperately need. The core message is to realize what is truly essential in your life because our life’s and the Internet are full of unnecessary inputs. Said message is delivered with some intriguing extremes. For example, the superego, the crazy soldier, the bitter boyfriend, the shunned psychologist, and the short man. I enjoyed him bringing up our physiological fallacies Manson’s Law of Avoidance and our perceived views of reality.

How should you implement this books key message? You must set a baseline in your life with the few things that are truly important. Be picky about your f*cks and appreciate the ones that you have. Since we are in the twenty-first century the book covers essential time management, 80/20 folks look it up. My favorite section by far was the story of the deranged WWWII Chinese soldier, proving how profound a person’s interpretation of the world can be. This book is entertaining and educational, and it can be used as a gateway for one’s journey into literature. I hope that you enjoyed this post, but who gives a f*ck right?

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