Jeff Bezos had a vision of having a store were anyone could acquire whatever material object they desired, but before that he dreamed of creating orbiting space colonies.  In The Everything Store, you will watch Bezos’s genius develop at a young age and then grow into a multi-billion dollar empire. I enjoyed his childhood, fragments of what is needed to forge the next generation of geniuses were laid out here. The business side was also very inspirational. Bezos left his corporate job to feed his passion for books and to participate in the inception of the Internet along with many others.

Just like with all the other companies that survived the .com bubble, this is not a tale of serendipity. Bezos hit checkmate after checkmate though hard work, persistence, and innovation. Amazon started as the prominent bookseller of the Internet. Then it started selling other items and creating its own products and tech. Following that you will experience the creation of Amazon Web Services, AWS established Amazon as a ligament tech company. AWS is thee cloud provider right now, Amazon is thee online retailer, and Bezos is thee wealthiest man on Earth. The next chapter of his life is guaranteed to be a compelling one.

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