Shawn Stevenson has broken down the science of sleep and why getting deep sleep is the best thing that you can do for your body. Thus this is going to be a review of New Mood by ONNIT. I have been on this product for a week now. The serving size is one or two capsules per day. The first two days I took two capsules, moderation is not my strong point. I must say that these are some potent nootropics. Those first two days I was only able to sleep five hours which hindered me more than it helped me. After those early two days failed, I went down to one capsule right before bed. The first two nights with one pill I slept seven hours to recover. The next three I was able to sleep for six hours, and I felt amazing.

Usually, my body requires seven hours of sleep for me to function properly. Now I am not one of those people that use being sleep deprived as a badge of honor. One must realize that sleep is a necessary evil, and everybody has their own baseline that they have to hit. I needed to improve my sleep quality because at the time of this post I was working a night shift. Working nights messes with one’s circadian rhythm, which is our internal sleep clock.  Try falling asleep at 7 AM, after driving in brilliant sunlight for twenty minutes it is not easy! This product is going to be a permanent part of my stack now; I just wanted to share my experience with it.

This is a one month update. ONNIT is on it with their products. I was working the night shift about a year ago for six months, and at least once a week my sleep schedule would get messed up. With New Mood, my sleep schedule only gets out of wack once a month while on the night shift. Usually, it is due to an appointment or if I do something stupid like lifting too heavy at the gym or drinking a sugary drink in the night. When I sleep in or can’t go to sleep I will take an extra pill to get my sleep back on track.

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