When the sh*t hits the fan, how many people can put all their chips down and go all in? Elon Musk can, and his biography which only covers a fraction of his life will show you why he is the demigod of Quora. I recall watching an interview where a person stated that “Elon was sent from another planet to show us, mortals, how to run a business.” As a child, he was smarter than his programming teacher and read the encyclopedia. One can assume that he started making mind maps and strong neural connections around that time.

Watching Elon realize the vast opportunity in the internet and then digitizing yellow pages was a treat. Everything from the PayPal Mafia to the inception of Space X and Tesla shows one what a zenith being is capable of. Most biographies do not have a cinematic climax, but when Elon was running out of money with both companies struggling I got a shot of adrenaline, and the pages started turning themselves. Elon is easily going to be one of the most significant people of this century, and I can’t wait to watch him accomplish his goals.

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