Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain? I used to have chronic pain from injuries that I received in my youth. I was starting to work on my reading and was in the read as many relevant dummies books phase. In that time, I ordered the Back Pain Remedies For Dummies book. Dr. Sinel and Dr. Deadorff are life savers. The book review is for another post. This one is about their recommended back brace. The Cybertech back brace is the best $45 investment that I have ever made. The first time that I tightened it I broke out in a sweat. Now I am to the point where it feels like wearing socks. At work is where it is the most useful. If you work at a desk all day and the chairs have little to no back support. You might want to consider this brace. The brace has two pieces of Velcro to hold it, the main one on the back and a small one that wraps around half of your waist and attaches to the front of your belly. What makes this brace unique is the to plastic bars that are on the back. The bars rest on both sides of your lower spine, improving your posture and making you feel amazing.

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