If you want to start a personal brand Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk is the Archimedes Lever that you need. First, it will be nearly impossible to be an overnight success. Some have taken years just a build a small following but remember all you need is one-thousand true fans. You must grind, socialize, and provide massive value. While respecting your audience. Do not think that your audience is dumb. If you sell people a $60 course for a few hundred dollars and start to plateau, do not wonder why. This will also lower the number of promoters that you have and your reputation as a reliable brand. People want other people and not hustlers.

Your one mission is to provide what you can’t find and to humanize it with your own humor. Make sure that your brand is not tied to or reliant on one platform, physics states the nothing can live forever. Make sure that you give everything a chance to expand your footprint. Then record yourself going through the grind. Your high energy and passion must show. Realize that you can turn your passions into a living and get after it.

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