The 10X Rule Review | Rating 6/10

“If you want ten times the results you have to put in ten times the work.” Grant’s rhetoric in The 10X Rule will give one that extra boost when they need it. The single message of this book is to increase your output through more time and effort. This is a double-edged sword do not listen to this book, then work all night and disrupt your sleep schedule. One section that I enjoyed stated that when you generate enough output, you will start creating your own luck. I have heard this in many places it was delightful to get some context. Grant talks about why you should not take a day off, again this depends on the individual and the context. If you are doing something that they love than putting in sixteen years like Bill Gates will be a walk in the park. On the other hand, if you are working on necessary evils, then you will burn out. Remember to set your schedule, and take a break when you earned it, but when you take a break realize what else you should doing.

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The 4 Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman Review | Rating 10/10

We only get one body in life, so it only makes sense that we should take care of it. In less than four hours Tim can take anyone, and I mean ‘ANYONE,’ and turn them into a lean mean fat burning machine. My copy of The 4 Hour Body,  has notes all over it, and without out it, my health would be down the drain right now. The ROI on this book is off the roof, Tim could have easily busted a Charlie Munger, and sold this book for $60. It is a good thing that he did not; anyone can afford this book. All I have to say is that one does not have any excuses for not being healthy after reading this. Fellas, Tim being a male did some extra catering towards us. Learn how to diet for max sexual output with sexy time steak and how to play the clarinet. Other areas that have greatly helped me were burning fat without exercise, recovering from injuries, and learning how to stretch.

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Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur Review | Rating 8/10

The young man stumbled into an underground cave and found a golden lamp. He rubbed the dirt off the lamp, and a gene named Derek appeared.

“I am Derek Sivers I may grant thee one wish mortal,” he said.

The young man replied. “Anything?”

“Anything You Want.”

Anything You Want is concise with no fluff just as advertised forty lessons in less than ninety-six pages. I only have the Audible version of this book. Listening at 3x speed and thirty-minutes of audio makes it one of the best thirty-minute investments of my life. Derek walks one through his experience with CD Baby, which he later sold and gave all the profits to charity. Derek brings up his geniuses email it will be at the bottom of the post. Some of my favorite tips were do not try to please everyone, the benefits of being lean, and the benefits of proper delegation. Using the pull method is always a wise option too, demand will always require supply. If I keep going I will ruin the book for you; this is a review, not a read-through so I will leave it at that.

Million-dollar email:

“Thanks for your order with CD Baby!

Your CD has been gently taken from our CD Baby shelves with sterilized contamination-free gloves and placed onto a satin pillow. A team of 50 employees inspected your CD and polished it to make sure it was in the best possible condition before mailing. Our world-renowned packing specialist lit a local artisan candle and a hush fell over the crowd as he put your CD into the finest gold-lined box that money can buy. We all had a wonderful celebration afterwards and the whole party marched down the street to the post office where the entire town of Portland waved “Bon Voyage!” to your package, on its way to you, in our private CD Baby jet on this day.

We hope you had a wonderful time shopping at CD Baby. In commemoration, we have placed your picture on our wall as “Customer of the Year.” We’re all exhausted but can’t wait for you to come back to CDBABY.COM!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


We miss you already. We’ll be right here at patiently awaiting your return.

Was the product you received defective or damaged? Check out our Return Policy.

All your friends at CD Baby

Sell your music on CD Baby and in stores worldwide”

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Man’s Search for Meaning Review | Rating 10/10

Your why makes you who you are and dictates your actions. Dr. Frankl will make sure that you find your why in Man’s Search for Meaning. No matter who you are this book will touch your heart as Viktor, walks one through his experience in multiple concentration camps. You will feel anger and empathy at the same time, as you watch your fellow man treated like trash, starved down to the bone, worked to death, and beaten as if they were scum.

You will learn about Logotherapy which the process of finding your why, along with how to appreciate the little things. The prisoners would find joy in minuscule events of randomness even under their harsh conditions. Viktor could tell that someone was about to die seventy-two hours ahead of time because their faces would indicate that they lost their why. Dr. Frankl, used his longing to be with his wife again as his why, we should all be grateful to him for bringing this amazing text to us.

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Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood Review | Rating 9/10

Realize why you shouldn’t hit people with lightning, learn what to do when a demon takes a sh*t in your driveway, and how to dance like Hitler. Born a Crime is the funniest book that I have ever listened to or read. I recall sitting in traffic laughing my ass off people probably thought that I was nuts. Trevor Noah is an amazing storyteller that will do the same to you. Dare I say that this book was even funnier than Kevin Hart’s book, and I recommend that it be used to “sharpen the saw.” Trevor hits every emotion with this book, proving that comedians are some of the most sophisticated people. So what are you waiting for? Learn how to dispose of demon feces today!

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Blockchain’s Hype

Let’s say that you got a job as a cloud engineer, and proved your Python programming chops. Now you are on the DevOps team, living the good life. At the top of Maslow’s hierarchy, you wonder what’s next? Well, blockchain is here, and it is only a matter of time before it blows up. If you don’t believe me watch this TED talk. Blockchain will extend far beyond Crypto into produce, the post offices, and anything else that requires trust and logs.

This will probably be the next .com bubble, making the next wave of millionaires. What makes blockchain so attractive is absolute trust, imagine the level of relationship that companies will build with their clients; it will be like an extended family. In layman’s terms, all blockchain is performing x + y = z then replacing z for x every new block/transaction for IT folks it is a continuous hash, this is one of the necessary pieces that is needed to make the web safer, behind stronger encryption. So, if you wake up one day wondering what to do next strongly consider this amazing field, who knows you might be the next Satoshi Nakamoto?

Why Trade Forex News

You can make ends meet, but maybe you are not able to save the amount of money that you would like to be saving. It is a good thing that the Forex market is a $5.3 trillion a day market, guarantying that everyone can get a piece of the pie. I am going to go over the scalping of economic news releases and not regular trading, just because they are two different animals. Trading the news is just waking up early and clicking a few buttons at a certain time. Real trading takes discipline, one has to know themselves, and have a consistent system in place.

Very quickly all forex is, is buying or selling of a pair of currencies. For example, the USD/JPY, the base is the US dollar against the quote/ Japanese Yen. Then you will look at it as how much Yen is needed to make one dollar. The value of each currency will fluctuate when a major economic news is released like one country’s GDP. This is why trading the news is so easy the second that the news is released the chart will spike up or down. One must install a bot that will let them quickly place a buy and sell stop order fifteen seconds before the news goes live. Click, click, click the news goes live the chart spikes triggering one of the two orders, you can let the order close automatically to your set stop loss or close it manually. Then close the other order that did not get triggered too. This should be practiced on a demo account first.

The Untethered Soul Review | Rating 10/10

“Darn it, I am ten minutes late to work stupid coffee didn’t brew fast enough. Arrhh why doesn’t this toothpaste smell mintier.” Does this remind you of a certain someone in the morning? Ha-ha, the voice in our heads is our personal greatest nemeses. It is a good thing that Michael A. Singer wrote The Untethered Soul. This book is literally priceless when you pick it up the pages will flip themselves. My public speaking teacher recommended this book to our class, she seemed wiser than me, so I ordered the book the next day.

This book will show you who you really are and show you the rewards of conquering your fears. Michael pushes one to stop being a pessimist. Yes, it is smart to have a backup for everything, but at the same time, we are not being hunted by saber tooth tigers anymore. Unshackling yourself from the voice in your head will improve all areas of your life like work, relationships, and even your health. Where do you think that the sports cliché that the only person you have to beat is the one in the mirror comes from. Well if you kicked that voice up there to the curve the sky is the limit. Business people and investors should read this as well, it is much easier to make split-second decisions when chatty Kathy is not up there. In investing you will not be sucked into the herd mentality, allowing you to focus on your analysis.

I could talk about this book for hours. Regardless of religion or personal beliefs, you will be educated on death, and why it is no big deal. Michael will show you how to stay balanced, for max output and a more enjoyable existence. If you read or listen to this book I promise that you will feel a sense of ah that you have never felt before.

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The War of Art Review | Rating 9/10

The deadline is next week, “boy oh boy is my room dusty it wouldn’t hurt if I cleaned it very quickly.” The deadline is in two days, “the grass sure is tall I should mow the lawn.” One can be certain that all of us have felt like this at some point, procrastination is a cruel mistress. Fear not The War of Art by Steven Pressfield will help one flip that mental switch. The books 165 pages have a poetic rhythm with a voice in the background whispering get to work b*tch.

Steven forces us to realize every possible form of procrastination that is out there. Some that you would have never thought of on your own. My first round with this book left me with a list of nine bad habits to work on. Everyone’s creative process is different, but the hurdles that we face are not. Once those hurdles are overcome, a snowball effect of your results will start to accumulate from your state of flow. Lastly, the only way to hit your ten-thousand hours and go pro is to love what you do; some criticism along the way wouldn’t hurt either.

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Moonwalking with Einstein Review | Rating 6/10

Have ever wondered what it would feel like to memorize a stack of poker cards in any order? Well, question no more Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer, teaches you how our magnificent brains are supposed to work. Mind mapping has been used by some of histories heavy hitters. For example, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, and Winston Churchill. All mind mapping is, is using a space like your living room or favorite jogging trail and placing mnemonics in that space in your mind.

Joshua has a TED Talk on this as well if you do not want to read the book. Back to the poker card example. Each card in your mind will be related to something physical. For instance, you might see each diamond as a specific successful figure, hearts as a person you love, clubs as tough or crazy people, and spades as amusing people in your life. Then each person would be a number in your mind. Each person will be placed in a certain order in the mental space of your choosing.  After enough practice, you can make connections and maps as fast as you take in information. Who knows maybe one day you will be able to read as quickly as you can flip the pages like President Kennedy.

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The 4 Hour Work Week Review | Rating 10/10

Lifestyle business 101 this book is the equivalent of steroids for any hatchling company. Regardless of if you want a passive income or to shoot for the stars and be the next renown IPO. The 4 Hour Work Week will light the way. Tim shows you how to kick the monkey mind to the curve by focusing on the 20% that matters. To maximize your short time you have to learn to be effective. Then, learn how your price point will affect what type of clients that you will have, shooting high is usually the best route. Outsourcing is another big one covered in this text. If you are wasting your time working on your weaknesses then you are not properly utilizing your time. Next, you should also detach yourself from emails and only read them at a certain time. That way you can work on your strengths when your energy is at its highest.

My experience with reading this book felt like dissecting my aspirations and reality. Everything that you need is laid out step by step, Derek Sivers, “if it were any easier we would all be billionaires with six packs.” Tim, shares his experience with a nootropics company that he later sold. He also tosses in a few other business cases, just in case producing supplements isn’t your cup of tea. I have added this book to my read once a year list, and it is also one of the few books that I have a physical and audio copy of. What are you waiting for click here to join the new-rich, and get your precious time back?

Extreme Ownership Review | Rating 9/10

It was a team effort everyone gave 110% leaving it all on the line, but in the end,  it didn’t matter because of the lack of ownership. Many of us should be able to relate to this, the 110% part might be a bit lower ha-ha, but the rest should hold true. Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin is one of my favorite and most recommended books. These two men are savages in the best sense possible, and no matter who you are they will give you the reality check that you desperately need. The central message is that being a leader everything is your fault even if you do not lead a team, this applies to the individual too. Your meaning of success is binary, you either complete the mission successfully or you don’t.

To lead anything communication and honesty is required, before and after the planning phase. Then the why must be accepted and embraced for unity. Keep things simple and prioritize what is of importance and “GET AFTER IT.” The occasional military strategy is icing on the cake. For example, move and cover or never show your weaknesses. Tactics that are perfect for business and chess. This book shows you how disciplines learned in one area directly affect another area of life. The badass war stories will keep one engaged and force you to realize what real adversity is. Click here to take ownership of your life. 

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Managing Oneself | Read Through

Hi, I am Elon Musk, managing myself consists of engineering the future at Space X and Tesla. Ha-ha, I am not even one-tenth of the beast known as Elon, but he is the best demonstration of this books key messages. Managing Oneself by Peter F. Drucker has been taking people to new levels for a decade now. At only fifty-five short pages, this book could be the best lunch break of your life.

Peter, starts out by reminding us that everyone has choices now. It is not like the old days where if you were born to wealth or a blacksmith, that determined your trade. Drucker explains that feedback is an excellent way of making the right choices in life, compare your expectations to your logged results. From here there are three steps to follow.

Work on your strengths, improve your strengths, and lastly overcome intellectual arrogance. Said arrogance is a psychological fallacy where you think that you are of a higher intelligence because you know a ton about one subject. Corporations are partly to blame for this they want people to be specialist in one or two things.

A quote that I enjoyed was that an idea without action is a zero. Peter also warns us not to work too much on our weaknesses. To me, this depends on the context, like the cup half full or empty test. If my flexibility is one of my weaknesses that directly impacts my health than of course, I need to work on it. On the other hand, if my programming umbrella only covers a few scripts than outsourcing a large HTML project would be a better choice.

This book will constantly ask important questions; I think I might know what it feels like talking to a shrink now. For starters, how do I perform? Everyone is different therefore different variables will impact our performance. A big one is, are you a reader or a listener? Next, what are your values? Peter, calls this the mirror test, be the person that you want to see in the mirror. Values also affect leadership, if the captain of the ship believes strongly in the mission the crew will follow. This next question should be realized no later than one’s mid-twenties, and that is where do I belong?

Once you know where you belong, what should you contribute? Peter divided this into two more questions. Based on my performance how can I make the greatest contribution to task x, what results must be achieved to make a difference. Then the second to last section is all about us, and our responsibility for relationships. Having a team, one person’s strengths can cancel out another’s weaknesses. For example, if you work under someone else make sure that you make them more effective, this was brought up in the 48 Laws of Power.

Two more key points, not asking questions is stupid, and organizations are only built on trust. I am not a big fan of the last section of the book you can check it out to see if it is relevant to you. If all I did with this post was to help you know yourself better than it is all worth it. Don’t forget to use the comments section and to check out the rest of the site, fin.

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Work the System Review | Rating 4/10

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a lifestyle business that runs itself? Well, you are in the right place, this is going to be a review of Work the System by Sam Carpenter. Spoiler this is going to be a concise post just because the book only delivers one key message, and that is to script out your business so that it can run itself.

Sam, starts off by talking about his troubled youth and how he turned his life around. He goes on to how he was working long hours at his call center startup, without getting anything back. Sam, started scripting everything about his company if x happens then do y. He made sure that every minuscule topic was documented so that his team always knew what to do even if he was not there. He is now making millions of dollars and lives on the side of a mountain.

To me this was a re-emphasis of the 80/20 rule, stating that 20% of the work and clients is all that matters for the company’s survival. The 4-Hour Work Week goes over this, but with a few more tools. Like outsourcing as much of your work as possible. What you can implement from this book? Well, this only applies if you are starting your own company, in management, or a technical writer. Right from the get-go document everything, if then the hogwash out of your instructions, to make sure that people always know what to do even in your absence.

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Liberate Your Muscles | Foam Roller Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a massage every day? The luxury of having daily pressure applied to your tight muscles is only $15 away. This post is going to be a review of six inches in diameter foam rollers. Honestly, everyone should own one of these because of all the sitting that we do. I got mine because of chronic back problems, but I use it every day no matter what. It is amazing before and after workouts, and after long days at the office too. Ha-ha, the first time that I used it my back cracked twice, and a rowdy gas was released.

The decent diameter also makes it perfect for any part of the legs. I constantly tear my left adductor (inner thigh), and the edge of the roller always hits my pain points. For my fellow IT folks that need more cardio and leg days in their life, this product will make your health is that much more accessible. Since you can easily roll your hamstrings and calves after you shock them with exercise.

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What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to always be relaxed, and constantly observing yourself from a third-person perspective, while continually living in the moment and enjoying it? Well, let me begin with my first encounter with Buddhism which was in the book the Untethered Soul; the review for this book will be posted separately. All the book does is show you how to clear the voice in your head. I am not going to lie it is an awesome feeling, that took my performance to the next level. After reading this book I wanted to learn more but really didn’t do anything about it since I was satisfied with my results. Then I read Total Recall where Arnold Schwarzenegger described his use of transitive meditation; which is repeating the same thing to yourself over and over. It is popular with athletes that want to get them self’s in their mental comfort zone. I started using it to prepare for my IT certifications and ended up purchasing the Dalai Lama’s Book of Joy.

Around the same time, I read the 4 Hour Work Week and when I started following Tim, I realized that meditation is a powerful tool that anyone can use. It is currently used by some of the top performers in the world. The Dalai Lama shows one to go with the flow. Accept everything and viewing the world from different perspectives. There is a huge difference between intelligence and wisdom; the Book of Joy proves it. One of the most profound realizations for me was that no matter what you never accomplished anything on your own. If you had to drive down the street, someone had to build that road at some point. Then someone had to make the food that fed the workers building the road. This paradigm is also part of the basis of meditation, giving your brain a reboot by just focusing on your breathing while paying attention to all of your senses realizing that we are part of the now that is the vast universe.

Daily meditation even a minuscule amount has just as many professional benefits as personal ones. When I started getting into Forex trading the first thing that I did was read psychology books in hopes of implementing greater discipline. Since trading or investing without any self-control is just another form of gambling. I learned a lot from those psychology books, but clearing my head and getting rid of my emotions took my trading to a whole other level. At work too, some days I will run at the office and meditate for two minutes in the shower, before starting my shift. That way if there is some type of network outage and everyone else starts freaking out, I can take myself out of the moment. Ha-ha, “Keep Calm and Layer 1” T-shirts coming soon.