“Do you remember being in your mother’s womb?”(Limitless). Ha-ha, what’s up everyone this post is going to be a review of Athletic Greens. Athletic Greens is a multivitamin that makes sure that you meet your daily nutritional baseline. Let’s face it, people, not all of us are eating nothing but whole foods, grass-fed beef, and fish. If you follow me, you will know that I praise Tim Ferris, and he is the median through which I discovered this amazing product. I want to get this out there Athletic Greens is not giving me any money for this review (call me).

Now you are supposed to drink this product first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to get the full benefits. One $97 pouch will give you thirty servings which isn’t half bad. I have mine every morning with a bit of ice, even though the taste is very neutral. It is difficult to explain, but I feel complete as soon as I drink this, and if I do not drink it, I feel naked for the rest of the day. The feeling is similar to that of eating a serving of Honey Smoked Salmon.

I have been taking athletic greens for almost two years now, and it has greatly improved my performance if you don’t believe me check out my LinkedIn account. No side effects either, well from what I can tell. Athletic greens it’s the Rolls Royce of daily vitamins, a pre-requisite to the limitless pill, well that one might a bit too out there so well leave it at its awesome.

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