Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a lifestyle business that runs itself? Well, you are in the right place, this is going to be a review of Work the System by Sam Carpenter. Spoiler this is going to be a concise post just because the book only delivers one key message, and that is to script out your business so that it can run itself.

Sam, starts off by talking about his troubled youth and how he turned his life around. He goes on to how he was working long hours at his call center startup, without getting anything back. Sam, started scripting everything about his company if x happens then do y. He made sure that every minuscule topic was documented so that his team always knew what to do even if he was not there. He is now making millions of dollars and lives on the side of a mountain.

To me this was a re-emphasis of the 80/20 rule, stating that 20% of the work and clients is all that matters for the company’s survival. The 4-Hour Work Week goes over this, but with a few more tools. Like outsourcing as much of your work as possible. What you can implement from this book? Well, this only applies if you are starting your own company, in management, or a technical writer. Right from the get-go document everything, if then the hogwash out of your instructions, to make sure that people always know what to do even in your absence.

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