Stop fu*king your mindset up, Gary John will show you how in Unfu*k Yourself. Gary gives one seven affirmations to live by. If you do not know where to start improving this book is a great foundation. He provides personal examples of each affirmation making sure that you remember them. I have been starting my day by reading these affirmations ever since I listened to this book.

“I am willing.” I am not willing can also be used. From here the next logical move is to tie this to pain or pleasure. I am willing, to do x to achieve y. I am not willing to let x happen because of y.

“I am wired to win.” Believe is one of those traits that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

“I got this.” Simulate the victory, and how to get there. The One Thing tells us to start with the goal and then work your way back to the present. Making sure that all of your ambitions are properly pre-meditated.

“I embrace the uncertainty.” We cannot control the universe. We can control our perception of it. So, make sure that your paradigms have enough slack for the universe.

“I am not my thoughts I am what I do.” Clear your conscious; then your actions are all that you have.

“I am relentless.” Bust a Tony Robbins, and brainwash yourself.

“I expect nothing and accept everything.” Nothing is everything, and everything is nothing both have infinite meanings, so live the moment. Engage all your senses and be ready to pounce.

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