What if you could dissect the titans of the world? Well, you don’t have to in Tools of Titans Tim Ferris does it for us. This book is a colleague of the Tim Ferris Show, where Tim interviews the best and only the best. If you have never listened to an episode; this book is the perfect starting point. The Tim Ferris Show is free on YouTube. I have made it a mission to go through his playlist and listen to all of them. This book will have at least a handful of golden nuggets for everyone. I had a field day with this book and ended up with a two-page list of hacks, books, supplements, and other random wisdom. Some have complained about the book not being organized, but like I said it is a colleague more than a book. You can speed through it multiple times picking and choosing what you want to read. Being an eclectic book nerd, I read it cover to cover enjoying every page. In that respect, I can say that this book is a hybrid of The 4 Hour Work Week and The 4 Hour Body. If you want, to be a titan and ascend to your own Olympus check out this book.

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