The deadline is next week, “boy oh boy is my room dusty it wouldn’t hurt if I cleaned it very quickly.” The deadline is in two days, “the grass sure is tall I should mow the lawn.” One can be certain that all of us have felt like this at some point, procrastination is a cruel mistress. Fear not The War of Art by Steven Pressfield will help one flip that mental switch. The books 165 pages have a poetic rhythm with a voice in the background whispering get to work b*tch.

Steven forces us to realize every possible form of procrastination that is out there. Some that you would have never thought of on your own. My first round with this book left me with a list of nine bad habits to work on. Everyone’s creative process is different, but the hurdles that we face are not. Once those hurdles are overcome, a snowball effect of your results will start to accumulate from your state of flow. Lastly, the only way to hit your ten-thousand hours and go pro is to love what you do; some criticism along the way wouldn’t hurt either.

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