“Darn it, I am ten minutes late to work stupid coffee didn’t brew fast enough. Arrhh why doesn’t this toothpaste smell mintier.” Does this remind you of a certain someone in the morning? Ha-ha, the voice in our heads is our personal greatest nemeses. It is a good thing that Michael A. Singer wrote The Untethered Soul. This book is literally priceless when you pick it up the pages will flip themselves. My public speaking teacher recommended this book to our class, she seemed wiser than me, so I ordered the book the next day.

This book will show you who you really are and show you the rewards of conquering your fears. Michael pushes one to stop being a pessimist. Yes, it is smart to have a backup for everything, but at the same time, we are not being hunted by saber tooth tigers anymore. Unshackling yourself from the voice in your head will improve all areas of your life like work, relationships, and even your health. Where do you think that the sports cliché that the only person you have to beat is the one in the mirror comes from. Well if you kicked that voice up there to the curve the sky is the limit. Business people and investors should read this as well, it is much easier to make split-second decisions when chatty Kathy is not up there. In investing you will not be sucked into the herd mentality, allowing you to focus on your analysis.

I could talk about this book for hours. Regardless of religion or personal beliefs, you will be educated on death, and why it is no big deal. Michael will show you how to stay balanced, for max output and a more enjoyable existence. If you read or listen to this book I promise that you will feel a sense of ah that you have never felt before.

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