Lifestyle business 101 this book is the equivalent of steroids for any hatchling company. Regardless of if you want a passive income or to shoot for the stars and be the next renown IPO. The 4 Hour Work Week will light the way. Tim shows you how to kick the monkey mind to the curve by focusing on the 20% that matters. To maximize your short time you have to learn to be effective. Then, learn how your price point will affect what type of clients that you will have, shooting high is usually the best route. Outsourcing is another big one covered in this text. If you are wasting your time working on your weaknesses then you are not properly utilizing your time. Next, you should also detach yourself from emails and only read them at a certain time. That way you can work on your strengths when your energy is at its highest.

My experience with reading this book felt like dissecting my aspirations and reality. Everything that you need is laid out step by step, Derek Sivers, “if it were any easier we would all be billionaires with six packs.” Tim, shares his experience with a nootropics company that he later sold. He also tosses in a few other business cases, just in case producing supplements isn’t your cup of tea. I have added this book to my read once a year list, and it is also one of the few books that I have a physical and audio copy of. What are you waiting for click here to join the new-rich, and get your precious time back?