“If you want ten times the results you have to put in ten times the work.” Grant’s rhetoric in The 10X Rule will give one that extra boost when they need it. The single message of this book is to increase your output through more time and effort. This is a double-edged sword do not listen to this book, then work all night and disrupt your sleep schedule. One section that I enjoyed stated that when you generate enough output, you will start creating your own luck. I have heard this in many places it was delightful to get some context. Grant talks about why you should not take a day off, again this depends on the individual and the context. If you are doing something that they love than putting in sixteen years like Bill Gates will be a walk in the park. On the other hand, if you are working on necessary evils, then you will burn out. Remember to set your schedule, and take a break when you earned it, but when you take a break realize what else you should doing.

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