Rating: 9/10

Steve Jobs has been the benchmark for many entrepreneurs after he died and while living. Listening to his biography was a real treat. Ha-ha, I consumed the 25-hour audiobook in three days. Relisting a timeline of Steve’s life would be no fun. Instead, I am going to list out the three things that Steve did that can help you throughout your journey.

  • Never follow the money, and only follow your passion. Steve’s passion was to create great products for people; which was his interpretation of moving humanity forward. This showed when he was let go from Apple. The replacement CEO was only seeking profits, and the company’s future dwindled. When Job’s serendipitously returned to Apple, he made sure that the company went back to being the best at its core competencies. Establishing his place in history as one of the greats. Steve said it himself in his commencement speech, “do what you love!” When you are about to die you will not be worrying about how many emails you didn’t promptly respond to.
  • Create a reality distortion field. If you told Steve that something could not be done he would tell you that you are sh*t or a bozo. Then he would hold you accountable for delivering his expectations. At the same time being completely honest about everything to everyone. Don’t get the wrong idea I still believe that you should treat people how you want to be treated. On the other hand, Steve teaches us that our limits are mostly self-imposed. That is the reason why people that worked under him said that it was the most difficult thing ever. While at the same time being the time of their lives. If we all had a virtual Steve reviewing all of our work and telling us that we could do better the world would be a different place. Another trend that I spotted was with Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk their biographies show that they followed in Steve’s footsteps. Demanding what we are capable of and not what we think.
  • Be a perfectionist. This must be taken with a grain of salt grasshoppers. Don’t be a perfectionist to the point that you will never get anything done. Instead be like a pilot and double check all of your buttons. Double checking everything will not consume your life, at the same time, the ROI on your time and output will be much higher.

That’s all folks, three short points to consider, but don’t let their conciseness dictate their value. Leave a comment if any of these have benefited you recently, and click here to get your copy of Steve Jobs: A Biography.