One who is passionate about their business will do whatever it takes to make it prosper. Howard Schultz is a prime example of this and Onward will show you the power of passion. Howard completely puts himself out there for us; it would be disrespectful not to absorb this incredible text. The book goes through Starbuck’s battle with the recession. Howard had to come back to the company as the CEO. Showing one how to pick their battles, and listen to the customers. Onward is real world business none of that theory hogwash. Any want-a-preneurs or entrepreneurs that have not read this book need to pick it up now.

Favorite lessons:

  1. Ask the customer, then deliver – demand requires supply.
  2. Keep your brand authentic to its roots – this creates a psychological comfort zone and trust with the consumers; along with a sense of belonging to something bigger.
  3. Love your work – If you don’t love it, you will get burn out.
  4. Embrace new technology – tech is not the end all be all, but I will affect efficiency and the customer experience.
  5. Invest in your employees – The team is only as strong as its weakest link and investing in employees is a great way to motivate them.
  6. Give back – you owe society for choosing your business, society does not owe you.
  7. Provide consistent quality – lack of consistency will ruin the customer’s experience and trust.
  8. Innovation is survival – evolve or die.
  9. Be Honest – your reputation is one of the few things that follows you throughout your life.
  10. Be picky about your team – per Good to Great, “the right people have to be on the bus, to begin with.”
  11. Fight one battle at a time, the one that matters most – per The One Thing; all successful people focus on the single most important task, before moving to the next one.

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