Your why makes you who you are and dictates your actions. Dr. Frankl will make sure that you find your why in Man’s Search for Meaning. No matter who you are this book will touch your heart as Viktor, walks one through his experience in multiple concentration camps. You will feel anger and empathy at the same time, as you watch your fellow man treated like trash, starved down to the bone, worked to death, and beaten as if they were scum.

You will learn about Logotherapy which the process of finding your why, along with how to appreciate the little things. The prisoners would find joy in minuscule events of randomness even under their harsh conditions. Viktor could tell that someone was about to die seventy-two hours ahead of time because their faces would indicate that they lost their why. Dr. Frankl, used his longing to be with his wife again as his why, we should all be grateful to him for bringing this amazing text to us.

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