What is a man that cannot even keep his word to himself? This book applies to either gender. Obviously, I can only describe the experience form a male’s perspective.  Karim H. Ismail is one of those people that make the world worth living in. His book Keep Any Promise will help one achieve whatever they desire. A quick shout out to Evan Carmichael on YouTube for recommending this book.

This book is a collection of short motivational stories. The stories are great, but they are not mind-blowing like  Total Recall or Elon Musk’s biography. The meat of this book is the assignments that one must go through, after each short story. Your life will be filed and put into perspective. Then your goals will be dissected into achievable steps. The beauty of this book is that is relevant to anyone and everyone. I have a copy of my answers on a word document for me to continually review and update, I hope that you will too.

Click here to file your life and deliver your life’s work.