Rating: 9/10

Mark Cuban’s book is a collection of his blog posts, but do not let that deter you there are tons of useful business tips in this book. Let’s go over some of my key takeaways.

  1. Offer a 100% full refund guarantee. This builds rapport while showing confidence in your capability to deliver.


  1. Cater to your customers, get them lunch on your first meeting, offer to get them an Uber, you get the point. Treat them as if they are the most important person in your life.


  1. Read as much as possible. It is now easier than ever to hustle while you wait. If you are caught in traffic play an audiobook. Read a few pages on your break and enjoy every second of it.


  1. Here are Cuban’s two favorite lessons:
    1. How can the competition take you out of business?
    2. Always be ready to compete with billion-dollar corporations.


  1. Next, business is a full-time commitment, don’t expect to get results without going all in.


  1. Try your best to be the smartest person in the room. Part of this will involve getting a few failures under your belt. Once you fail do your best to mitigate those failures in the future.


  1. Have a competitive mindset and always look for failures.


  1. “You only have to be right once.” To that respect, always be prepared and realize when you are riding a trend.


  1. Delegating will give to time to put out the most critical fires.


  1. Here is a nugget from Good to Great. Focus on your core competencies, and nothing else.


  1. Know yourself weaknesses and strengths.


  1. Ask yourself what you will regret at 90 years old.


  1. Complains or dislikes can become a business.


  1. Sales are the key to growing your business. Make sure to target the right prospects to keep you from wasting time. Qualifying does take time, but most of it can be outsourced.


  1. Survey your customers and making everything as easy for them as possible for them.


  1. Find the job that will get you to were you want then take risks and put in work.


Towards the end of the book, Cuban gives us the 12 rules for startups.

  1. Your company should be a deep obsession.
  2. If you plan on an exit, you don’t love it.
  3. Hire others who share your passion.
  4. A sale a day keeps the doctor away.
  5. Be the best at x.
  6. Treat customers like a guest at your home, drinks, snacks, the works.
  7. Privacy should not exist and avoid executives that want to build a conglomerate.
  8. Have a set budget of around $1,000 per person and let people pick their own computer.
  9. Don’t build a hierarchy, managers should not be reporting to managers.
  10. Don’t waste your money on dumb sh*t. Only buy merch with logos at company events.
  11. PR firms are a waste of money, you can call media companies yourself.
  12. Have fun, have a set ceiling for stress levels, and celebrate your victories.

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