Online marketing 101, learn how to find your one-thousand true fans. Russel provides you with a solid blueprint for Click Funnels, his funnel generating tool in Dot Com Secrets. You will learn how to bring your dream customer to life so that you can effectively market to them. Then you will set up your value ladder, just to flip it upside down into a funnel. Russel even provides one with step by step marketing scripts. Making sure that the prospects feel as if you were right in front of them explaining everything. This section reminded me of the Wolf of Wall Street. All that was missing was the money hum.

One will also learn how to properly run an email marketing campaign. Everything that is needed to make the sale is in this book, except for tutorials on all the tools, apps, and websites that you will have to use. This book would pair perfectly with The 4 Hour Work Week. If you are starting an online business or brand, you or your marketing team have to read this book, ASAP.

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