The purpose of this blog is to record whatever it is that I am reading or working on for others to interpret. My book and product reviews will make sure that you get a high ROI on your time. Any growth hacking information that I run into will be under business secrets. Expect a bit of general finance basics to be sprinkled throughout the site as well.

My favorite quote is Cogito Ergo Sum (I believe therefore I am). Descartes official meaning is I can think, so I exist. My interpretation is that the body and the mind are two separate beings, but the body performs the will of the mind which has no physical limitations nor material boundaries. I believe therefore I am.

I am also a huge fan of Tim Ferris, so I can proudly say that I have read all of his books. I also enjoy Psychology, Trading/Forex (Oh yeah, “Welcome to the jungle”), self-help/self-improvement, finance, sales, marketing, and history books. I have been audio-baling for a few years now too, so expect this site to be full of fair book reviews and recommendations. In my campaign to improve myself daily (every person’s superpower), I have taken or used tons of products, supplements, and courses. I will be sharing my experience with all those items in the form of a post or video.

I look forward to working with you and remember to be ravenous.